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The Gian Carlo Wick Prize

Each year the Gian Carlo Wick Gold Medal is awarded to a theoretical physicist for his outstanding contribution to Particle Physics. The selection committee is composed of eminent physicists and chaired by Tsung-Dao Lee.


Freeman Dyson 1993
Frederick Weisskopf 1994
Yoichiro Nambu 1995
Sidney Drell 1996
Gerard 't Hooft 1997
Zhou Guangzhao 1998
Bruno Zumino 1999
Luigi Radicati di Brozolo 2000
John Archibald Wheeler 2001
Willis E. Lamb Jr. 2002
Sidney Coleman 2003
Jerome I. Friedman 2004
Dick Dalitz 2005
Gösta Ekspong 2006
André Martin 2007
Michael J. Creutz 2008
Nicholas P. Samios 2009