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Permanent Monitoring Panels

Basic Rules and Guidelines

Primary Objectives.

  • Defining the priorities to be pursued in relation to the Emergency.
  • Monitoring the results of research conducted in the relevant fields of science.
  • Organising scientific workshops to channel research efforts and reconcile conflicting views on scientific and related ethical issues.
  • Helping disseminate relevant scientific data and information.
  • Organising yearly Group Meetings and reporting of group activities to the WFS Annual General Meeting in Erice.
  • Writing recommendations for use by governments and international agencies.
  • Elaborating project proposals to conduct research in collaboration with scientists from Developing Countries.

Constitution of the PMP

  • The PMP is constituted of 6 to 8 members and an unlimited number of associate members.
  • The experience cumulated by the members covers the spectrum of the know-how related to the Emergency. They are designated by the president, in conformity with the PMP chairmanís recommendations, for 5-year periods.
  • The PMP chairman is appointed by the President for a period of 3 years, following which elections will be held by the PMP members. The elected chairman would then be appointed by the president for the next 3-year period.
  • The chairman designates, with the presidentís approval, the members who will serve as co-ordinators. Co-ordinators help managing the PMP and/or are put in charge of a specific task or domain.
  • The PMP members, with the approval of its chairman select the associate members.


  • Each member is a specialist, deeply involved in one of the scientific fields related to the Emergency. He is therefore in a position to monitor the ongoing scientific activities in that field and identify, with the help of contacts/associate members, issues which need to be discussed by or commented upon by the PMP.
  • International scientific networking is carried out at the level of each member and reported to the Chairman.
  • The PMP reports and recommendations will be publicised, after approval by the President through publications, correspondence, the Internet and the World Federation of Scientists web domain.

Funding of Activities

The participation of members and associate members in the PMP activities is done on an entirely voluntary basis. The World Federation of Scientists (WFS), through its associated World Laboratory programmes, provides funds for the following PMP activities.

  • Participation of members to the August International Seminar on Planetary Emergencies and the associated PMP and WFS General Meeting in Erice.
  • Holding of dedicated workshops during the year.
  • Publications, mailings and costs associated to one web page in the WFS domain.
  • Limited amount of administrative expenses incurred by the co-ordinator(s).

Members are encouraged to seek additional external sources of funds for the PMP activities.