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Organising the Fight

The World Federation of Scientists, in continuity with the early efforts of the Ettore Majorana Centre in Erice, has been addressing the planetary emergency problems for over 20 years. A major turning point was reached, in August 1997, with the decision to establish Working Groups and Permanent Monitoring Panels to follow up each identified Planetary Emergency. The motivation for reaching such a decision is expressed in the opening address (Handling of Planetary Emergencies - The search for New Solutions) made by T. D. Lee, K. M. B. Siegbahn and A. Zichichi, during the 22nd Session of the International Seminars on Planetary Emergencies, held in Erice.

The World Federation of Scientists intends to involve, in the fight against Planetary Emergencies, the following communities

  • The scientific community
  • The decision makers
  • The general public

The World Federation of Scientists is structured in such a way as to allow a maximum of flexibility for its present activities and future development. It is composed of 5 bodies:

  • The President and Vice Presidents
  • The Scientific Committee
  • The National Representatives
  • The Regional Committees
  • The Working Groups and/or Permanent Monitoring Panels

Each Permanent Monitoring Panel is constituted in accordance with a set of Basic Rules and Guidelines ,to cater to a specific planetary emergency.

The World Federation of Scientists has also launched, through the ICSC - World Laboratory a National Scholarship Programme in Newly Emerging Countries and other East European Countries.