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The Farnesina Statement

This Statement was written in Rome on 23 November 1988 by
Professors T.D. Lee, K.M. Siegbahn and A. Zichichi

We believe that one of the most serious problems facing the World today is Poverty and the Loss of Human Dignity. A large part of the world's population is in poverty due to overpopulation, famine and other natural and man-made causes. With extreme poverty, there invariably comes a loss of human dignity, which indeed has an equally damaging effect.

With the recent relaxation of East-West relations, the threat of nuclear war may have been reduced. The lack of human rights still exists, and remains a major problem. But the deprivation of human rights comes from without, while the loss of human dignity occurs from within. Human rights can readily be returned if the external oppressive force is removed. However, human dignity, once lost, may not be regained. Consequently, to tackle the human dignity problem, food and medical aid is far from sufficient.

We are convinced that a direct way to combat the human dignity problem is to help the people in the Developing Countries to acquire self-confidence. The most effective method is through the transfer of Science and Technology. Only when scientists from the Third World can contribute to Science in a meaningful way, would they and the people there be truly self-confident. We should, therefore, restore human dignity through Science.