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How to Contribute

Each community is called upon to contribute, in its own way and mode.

The members of the Scientific Community are asked to:

  • Find out about the World Federation of Scientists (WFS) actions, by consulting, on a regular basis, the General Web pages, Newsletters and Publications and Reports.
  • Follow up on the activities of Permanent Monitoring Panels (PMPs) as described in the dedicated PMPs Web pages, Newsletters, Reports and Recommendations.
  • Contribute personally by debating issues under consideration with PMP members, writing articles for the PMP Newsletter and offering expertise as associated Permanent Monitoring Panel members.
  • Propose new issues to PMP chairmen.
  • Help disseminate the WFS recommendations to their national scientific community, press and decision makers.
  • Contribute personally in establishing and managing National and Regional WFS Committees.

The Decision Makers' community is asked to contribute by:

  • Finding, in these Web pages, the Reports and the Recommendations of the various PMPs, and request the advice of its experts.
  • Encouraging the dialogue between its panel of experts and the PMP members.
  • Participating in the WFS Seminars and workshops.
  • Helping the establishment of National and Regional WFS Committees.

We believe that the role of the General Public is essential to the success of this endeavour. Everyone, regardless of nationality, age, fortune, position or education can and should contribute to the fight against the Planetary Emergencies. The possible avenues for action are indeed many and are all encouraged, some of which are:

  • Helping the establishment of National WFS Committees and contributing, personally to its programmes.
  • Ensure the press coverage of WFS recommendations.
  • Request the involvement of local decision makers in WFS debates.
  • Establish youth-oriented programmes for a better understanding of WFS recommendations.