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National Scholarship Programme

The World Federation of Scientists National Scholarship Programme, implemented by the ICSC World Laboratory, fulfils a basic need for developing and newly emergent countries.

Many young scientists require, upon graduation from their Universities, a year or more of training, under the supervision of an experienced scientist, before they are able to start a successful career in science. Opportunities for obtaining post-graduate fellowships, to study in foreign institutes and laboratories, are scarce. In addition, their economic situation is such as to forbid them to continue their academic careers in their own country and force them to choose jobs which are not related to their higher studies.

The World Federation of Scientists and the World Laboratory have instituted a National Scholarship Programme, which allows these young graduates to conduct scientific research activities in their own country, under the supervision of the best and most experienced national scientists. The duration of the scholarship is for one year maximum and the basic Rules and Guidelines are simplified to allow for a minimum of bureaucratic procedures.

To date, National Scholarship Programmes have been established in the following countries:

Albania Azerbaijan Belarus Bulgaria
Burundi China Ecuador Estonia
Georgia Ghana India Indonesia
Jordan Kazakhstan Korea Kyrgyzstan
Lithuania Macedonia Madagascar Malaysia
Mexico Moldova Pakistan Palestine
Philippines Romania Senegal Slovenia
Tadjikistan Ukraine Uruguay Uzbekistan