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Permanent Monitoring Panel -

Members of the Panel:

William Barletta (
Carmine Difiglio (
Robert Schock (

Robert Budnitz (
Andrea Contin (
Michael Jefferson (
Hisham Khatib (
Tatsuo Masuda (
Charles McCombie (
Anita Nilsson (
Jef Ongena (
Hans-Holger Rogner ( )
Adnan Shihab-Eldin (
Bruce Stram (
Zhang Xiliang (

Emeritus Member:
Richard Garwin

Associate Members:
Pierre Darriulat
Ashok Gadgil
Richard C. Lanza
Charles McCombie
Adilson Motter
Yuichi Ogawa
Anil Razdan
James Rogers
Dong-Pil Min
Sun Yuliang

Summary of the Emergency

Energy supply and use affects economic growth, security, pollution, climate change and political tensions among nations. Oil prices have been, and are likely to remain a major factor limiting global economic recovery. Almost 20% of the world’s population (1.3 billion people) still lack electricity and basic energy services, without which, education, economic progress and political self-realization are barely possible. While most OECD countries have vastly improved energy’s environmental footprint, energy production and use remain the major source of air and water pollution in many countries, severely compromising health and well-being. Lastly, the burning of fossil fuels is the primary anthropogenic contributor to increased greenhouse gas concentrations.

Priorities in dealing with the Emergency

The PMP monitors scientific and technical results and contributes to the formulation of policy on the following subjects:

  • Energy efficiency technologies and policies
  • Renewable energy technologies and policies
  • Nuclear power technologies and policies
  • The international oil and gas markets
  • Energy services for the poor
  • Energy and cities
  • Technologies and policies to limit greenhouse gas emissions

Erice Seminars on Planetary Emergencies – Energy PMP Sessions


Control Planetary Emergencies Using the Science of Complex Networks (Project 9)
The Nuclear Safety Center (Project 10)
The Bio-Economy and Transition Towards a Circular Economy (Project 20-A)
Upgraded Pyrolysis for Organic Wastes Treatment (Project 20-B)


The Nuclear Safety Center
Science of Complex Networks


Renewable and Nuclear Energy [became a Special Issue of Energy Policy, Issue 96, 2016]
Energy for the Poor


Seminar not held.


Why Energy is an Economic Planetary Emergency
Nuclear Power
Energy – Key to the Evolution of Cities


Global Nuclear Energy Issues
Energy and Sustainability in Cities


Nuclear Power After Fukushima
Unconventional Natural Gas Development*
Energy Efficiency


Science for Sustainable Energy Systems
Passive Safety in Nuclear Power Plants
Oil Spills and Deep Water Drilling*


Essential Technologies for Moderating Climate Change and Improving Energy Security
Advanced Technologies and Strategies in China


Food and Energy: Sustainability of Biofuels
Nuclear Power: Present and Future
Nuclear Waste: On the Road to Sustainability*

*Co-sponsored with the Pollution PMP